Episode 12: Family Members

In the episodes prior, I have mentioned the words for family members such as aunt and uncle and comparing them to the words for grandmother and grandfather, which only differ in vowel length. I’ve also mentioned the names for other relatives in example sentences to build up your vocabulary but now it’s time to complete the picture by presenting the words for various family members and related words that you are likely to need and use.

Episode Topics:
Vocabulary list of family members and related words.

Kaa-chan Corner:
Topic: Japanese families (what does a typical family consist of).

Vocabulary List:
daitai – approximately. 大体 [だいたい]
futsuu – normally, usually. 普通 [ふつう]
fuufu tani – married couple. 夫婦単位 [ふうふたんい]
heisei no hajimari – the beginning of the Heisei era. 平成の始まり [へいせいのはじまり] (1989)
kaku kazoku – nuclear family. 核家族 [かくかぞく]
kono you ni – in this way. この様に [このように]
kuzureru – to crumble, collapse. 崩れる [くずれる]
mukashi – in the past. 昔 [むかし]
saikin – recently. 最近 [さいきん]
showa no owari – the end of the Showa era. 昭和の終わり [しょうわのおわり] (1989)
sukunai – not many, few. 少ない [すくない]
tabun – perhaps, maybe, probably, possibly. 多分 [たぶん]
yousu ni – the situation, the state of affairs. 様子に [ようすに]

Further Reading:
Wikipedia Japan entry on 続柄 (family relationship chart)

Episode transcript PDF (Japanese portion includes furigana) (interview not transcribed)

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Episode 12 – Family Members

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