Episode 10: Review of Episodes 1-9

This is Episode 10 and it’s time to review what we’ve learned in Episodes 1-9.

Episode Topics Reviewed:
alphabet, pronunciation (heavy focus on this subject), honorifics, pronouns, 10 basic sentences/questions, particles, counting, counters, dates, time, Naruhodo Japan episodes 1-9 lexicon chart

Episode transcript PDF (Japanese portion includes furigana)

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Episode 10 – Review of Episodes 1-9

1 Response to “Episode 10: Review of Episodes 1-9”

  • hello!

    I really like your podcast, I’ve been learning a lot !

    Thank you very much!

    Your lessons are great and your voice is so nice to listen to !

    I hope you update more episodes soon!


    Mallu ( Rio de Janeiro, Brazil )

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