Episode 8: Counting and Counters

In this episode we are going to cover how to count in Japanese. There are two things you need to know about counting in Japanese. The first thing is to learn the basic numbers such as 1, 2, 3 and the second thing you need to know is for when you are counting people or objects. Just as you would count items as slices, sheets, or pieces in English, you would do the same in Japanese but what word you associate with counting the objects is much more strict in Japanese. Counters is the term for words such as slices, sheets, and pieces.

*Please note: a few days after this episode was published, I realized that when talking about the sai counter (how many years old someone is), that there is one age where the conjugation is not obvious. In fact, if you’re not Japanese you would probably not know that 20 years old is not 20-sai but hatachi. Since I realized this after the fact, it’s not in the audio podcast but is noted in the transcript.

Episode Topics:
Counting: 0, 1-10, 100, 1000, and how to construct numbers up to 100,000,000
Counters: tsu, ko, hon, satsu, mai, hai, hiki, tou, wa, kai (times), kai (floors), dai, ten, sai, man vs. nin

Kaa-chan Corner:
Cancelled for a few episodes as there has been a death in the family and my mother has gone back to Japan for a few weeks.

Vocabulary List:
The vocabulary lists are generated from Kaa-chan Corner so there is not a vocabulary list for this episode.

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ものの数え方 [助数詞] (Japanese)
数のかぞえ方 (Japanese)

Episode transcript PDF (Japanese portion includes furigana)

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Episode 8 – Counting and Counters

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